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Metal Building
45' x 40'

Metal Building
(2) 30' x 75' x 16'

Metal Building
60' x 125'

Metal Building
24' wide interior with skylights

Metal Building
30' endwall

Metal Building
30' endwall, with 3:12 roof slope and custom color door

Metal Building
30' x 40', 3:12 roof slope

Metal Building
30' x 60' x 16'

Metal Building
30' x 60' x 14', custom bay spacing for custom door positions.

Metal Building
50' Endwall


Metal Building
Single Slope roof

Metal Building
50' x 50'

Metal Building
30' x 50' (with firewalls)

30' x 60' x 14' interior (concrete stemwall not typical)

Storage Building
30' x 40' x 12'

We offer larger metal buildings for many uses such as shops, garages, industrial outbuildings, hazardous waste storage buildings, hay barns, and a variety of other uses.  For clearspans up to 30', we have galvanized framed EZC buildings, and traditional I-beam buildings for larger spans, taller or partially enclosed, or buildings installed in high snow load areas.  For smaller and shorter buildings, please also see our pipe-framed buildings.
Metal Building
We specialize in farm and ranch, industrial outbuildings, and personal use buildings, usually less than 5000 sq/ft.  For primary commercial and industrial outbuildings, we can often refer another contractor in your area. 

EZC buildings use a galvanized Cee frame.  I-Beam buildings use a primer painted built-up frame.

EZC and I-beam buildings have a variety of options, and we supply the steel structure's and basic concrete foundation's engineering.  These buildings usually have a personnel door and skylights.  The larger doors can be manually or electrically operated garage or roll-up (curtain over drum) commercial doors.  Other options are vents, insulation, roof slopes up to 3:12, windows, gutter, and color roof. 

We can install the steel, or supply a kit.  There are often permit-related issues to discuss, so please feel free to call for more information. 

If you are considering installing your own building, many contractors have told us that the EZC is the easiest to install.  They come with a step-by-step photo and text installation manual, in addition to the engineered drawings.  On local jobs, we can also provide a free service for EZC buildings, by checking the anchor bolt placement for you prior to pouring the concrete. 

We always supply 26 gauge sheeting, base trim, engineering, and a mastic sealed roof for these buildings.

Metal Building
50' x 100' x 20'


Metal Building
16' x 8' door with ridge vents

Metal Building

30' interior

Metal Building
30' Endwall with 14'x14' and 8'x8' doors


Metal Building
30' x 60' x 14'

Metal Building
Endwall Overhang

Metal Building
Metal Building
40' x 50' sidewall  overhangs

Metal Building
75' x 125' x 24'


Metal Building
EZC Framing


Metal Building
30' wide insulated interior.

Metal Building
Custom liner panels in interior


Metal Building
Partially Enclosed

Metal Building
40' x 40' Partially enclosed for round pen

Metal BuildingMetal Building
30' x 40' x 14', 3:12 Roof Slope

Metal Building
Custom Farm Building

Metal Building
30' x 50' x 14'


Metal Building

40' x 80' with sidewall overhang

Metal Building
50' x 100'


Metal Building
50' x 80' x 10'


Metal Building

40' x 80' x 12'


Metal Building
Commercial Roll-up doors


4030 Window

Personnel Door (dead-bolt optional)

Roll-up doors

10' Ridge Vents

Double (20') Ridge Vent

Flood Vent

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