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Billet Barn & Corral
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corral panels
4 rail half wire panels

corral panel
Custom 6' tall, 24'x24'

corral panel
6' 7rail

corral panels
Custom for miniature horses

corral panels
6' 6 rail with feeder mounted outside corral (feeder slot required for exterior mounting)

corral panels
Custom Panels

corral panels
Half Wire

corral panels
6' wire, 8' arch

corral panels
5' tall Wire Panels

corral panel
Standard Billet Latch

Small Animal Panels
Small animal panels, 4' tall with 3' of wire

Wire Corral Panels

Wire stud pen and standard corral panels

Half wire panels
Half wire panels

Guillotine gateGuillotine gate
Guillotine gate



slant panelsloped corralBiased Panelcorral panels
Biased (angled/slanted) for slope

Stepped corral panelscorral panels
"Stepped" for slope


We can manufacture pipe corral panels for a variety of uses in practically any style.

They can be used for individual pens, off of or inside barns, portable pens, arenas, gates, perimeter fencing, handrails, etc.  Styles include with full or partial wire attached, individual lengths  from 1/2' to 24', 1 5/8" and 1 7/8" pipe diameter, heights up to 8', and number of rails, bottom rail, slots for feeders and waterers, etc.  We even occasionally build bias (slanted) panels to adjust for slope changes.
We produce a high-quality panel that can be found nowhere else.  Gates are reinforced.  Standard latches are welded-on and the components (including the horseshoes) are zinc plated before welding to resist rusting.   Welds are coated with a high-quality zinc based paint.   Caps are welded-on.   Standard panels have vertical legs every 6'.  Quality hinges are used on all gates.

For longer lines of panels, we can provide heavy (sch 40 full weight posts) to be concreted between individual panels.  For heavy-duty applications, tall panels, and swing gates we can use a variety of single, and sometimes double or triple, full weight pipe posts in 1 5/8", 1 7/8", 2 3/8", and 2 7/8" diameters as the situation requires.
corral panels
Standard 24' x 24' 4 rail corral with 8' x 12' shader

corral panels
Wire runs off of barn

corral panels
Billet Latch with standard adjustable catch

corral panels
Adjustable drive gate hinge (with optional screw and double hinge post)

corral panels
6' tall wire cross fence

corral panels
Waterer cut-out


Wire Panels
Panels with wire

mini panels
4' tall 4 rail for miniature horses

chute gate
Custom chute gate

We use 3 panel clamps per connection, which are included with panels and posts.

corral panel
12' x 24' 3 rail runs with shade and windbreak system

corral panel
4 rail with leg extension for uneven ground.

corral panel
Half wire runs off of breezeway barn

corral panel
6' tall wire corral with 12' drive gate

corral panel
Wire box so latch can be opened from inside

Wire Panels
Turn-outs with 36" wire

Runs with wire

12x24 corral, 4 rail, with shader and windbreak

4 rail corrals
12'x24' side-by-side 4 rail corrals.

Custom Pen

corral panel
6' tall 7 rail, custom triple post to mount swing gates on each side

corral panels
Heavy Duty Custom - 8' tall 8 rail with wire and triple sch40 posts
(2 3/8"-2 7/8"-2 3/8")

corral panel
6' tall wire with swing gate and exterior mounted feeder (requires feeder slot)

corral panels
5' tall, half wire in custom configuration.


corral panels
5' tall 4 rail barn runs.

Shade System

6' Wire Panels with feeders and shade system

Wire Panel Cross Fence
Wire cross fence

Custom wire panels
Custom with wire over 5 rail

Small animal corral panels
4' tall, Standard "Small Animal Panels" with wire

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