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Billet Barn & Corral
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Loafing Shed
12' x 12' Enclosures with 4 rail runs, open gables

Loafing Shed
12' x 15' Enclosures with side feeders, open gables

Loafing Shed
Custom 8' x 12' two sided enclosure

Loafing Shed
12'x24' CLOSED GABLE, optional feeder doors, 4 rail interior

Loafing Shed
wire interior with divider wall 

Loafing Shed
Custom storage area

Loafing Shed
(4) 12' x 12' Stalls with 12' x 12' storage area. Open gables
Loafing Shed
(2) 12' x 12' Stalls with 24' runs, and storage area

Loafing Shed
(2) 12' x 12' stalls with 12' x 12' storage area
Loafing Shed
Custom size stall with enclosed storage area

Loafing Shed
Custom door placement

Loafing Shed
12' x 24' with custom size feed doors, feeders by others
Loafing Shed
Custom height goat pen

Custom equestrian center with tack rooms

Loafing Shed
Enclosed hay room with 6' swing door

mini horse enclosure
12'x15' Enclosure

goat barn
Goat enclosure

108' Enclosure108' Barn

Loafing Shed
(4) 12' x 12' stalls with custom 12' x 16' enclosed stall

Loafing Shed
12' x 24' with open gables and feeders mounted outside backwall

Loafing Shed
Walls sheeted to 5'

Loafing Shed
12' x 12', closed gables, feed door

Loafing Shed
12' x 36', 3 stall, with feed doors

Loafing Shed
12' x 24', wire interior, closed gables, divider wall

Loafing Shed
Loafing Shed
Feeder Doors in 12' x 24' enclosure (corrals and posts by others)

Loafing ShedLoafing Shed
12' x 8' Loafing Shed with closed gables and feeder
LOAFING SHEDS (Enclosures)

Also known as 3-sided ENCLOSURES, these barns have one or more stalls side by side, most often with wall sheeting on three sides.

There are many options available, such as partial or full sheeting on all sides, feeders, feed doors, tack and hay rooms, and color sheeting.  The roof is single slope and usually 12' deep, though depths from 8' to 24' can be custom made. 

If you are interested in a roof overhang, see our page on shedrow barns for enclosures with gabled roofs.
These buildings can be used as a stand-alone loafing shed in a pasture area, or can be an enclosure with corrals attached to it for runs.

The walls can be built with wire fabric welded to the frame to protect the sheeting from kicks and to better separate the horses.  There can also be doors to exterior stall runs. 

For ideas on the types of panels available for the dividers and exterior corrals, see our pipe and wire panel photos.

They are available in a variety of colors.  Installation is available in our regular service area, but many of our customers install the buildings themselves. 

We can provide engineering for the 2001 CBC and 2002 LACO Building Codes (and most other local California codes and updates) with little or no changes to standard designs, and can accommodate most custom requests with engineering as well.  Grading, concrete, site, etc are important parts of the permit process, so please feel free to contact us for more information, and we also recommend contacting your local building department.   We are a licensed City of Los Angeles type I lws fabricator, which satisfies many building departments' welding requirements.  We build regularly in 20 and 30 lb/psf roof snow load areas, but can also engineer for 40 lb/psf if your location requires a heavier load.

These structures use a zee purlin roof system, and sleeved purlin and concrete anchor connections that provide the strength needed to resist wind loads.  This makes a much stronger structure than the pipe roof frames that many customers use.  It also allows the structure to be relocated if you move and want to take it with you.

The gables (triangular openings on the sides) can be open or closed, and the sheeting can be galvanized or your choice of standard colors.   You can choose a different color for the walls, roof, and trim.  The underside of sheeting is always white and the framing is galvanized (or galvalume).  We use quality steel sheeting and the wall frames are 1 7/8" diameter pipe. 

Installation can be done by our crew, or we can provide a kit with installation instructions for do-it-yourselfers and contractors.

We take great care in our quality control and field installations.  However, site preparation (grading) is very important to the safety and function of the end-product, so please feel free to give us a call to discuss your job site.    
Loafing Shed
(2) 12' x 12' stalls with 12' x 12' open storage area

Loafing Shed
Open endwall with gate

Loafing Shed
Partially sheeted sidewall and front (brace panels removed after concrete dries)

Loafing Shed
12' x 36', feed doors, closed gables, oversized runs

Loafing Shed
12' x 24' with open gables, feeder doors, and low-side eave overhang
Loafing Shed
8' deep, closed gable

Loafing Shed
Loafing Shed
12' x 12' stall with 6' x 12' hay room

12x12 Shelter
12'x12' Closed gable enclosure

18' Deep Enclosure

Loafing Shed
12' x 96'

Loafing Shed
12' x 12' Open Storage Shed

Loafing Shed
Custom door, gutter


Loafing Shed
Custom loafing shed, gabled roof

Loafing Shed
12' x 12' with unsheeted front and side feeder, 12' x 12' hay room

Loafing Shed
(2) 12' x 12' stalls, open gable, wire divider


Loafing Shed
Loafing Shed
12' x 96', (8) 12' x 12' stalls with 12' wire runs (12'x24' total corral area) with exterior feeders

Loafing Shed
12' x 12' Enclosures

Barn with enclosed front
Partially enclosed front with extension to roof.


Custom EnclosureCustom barnCustom Shelter
Custom Enclosure

Feed DoorFeed Door
Feed Doors

Side DoorSide Door
Side Door

Back DoorsBack Doors
8' deep enclosure with unsheeted back gates

12'x24' Open gables with feeders

Mini-horse shelter
Miniature horse enclosure with partial front.

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